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Jul 30

transmisogynykills replied to your post “sigh…..”

wow she’s like, so fucking gross

She’s a nice girl but she literally has no clue how oppression works lol.

“How dare they talk about peace when you’ve got the son of a former Israeli minister [Gild Sharon] saying, and I quote him saying in his Jerusalem post article, “We should destroy Gaza, because the US didn’t stop with Hiroshima…” Well guess what, you know what he’s right about, the US didn’t stop with Hiroshima— because Israel didn’t stop with their Operation Matateh in 1948 when they ethnically cleansed thousands and thousands of innocent Palestinians which resulted in millions of Palestinian refugees around the world. And actually, that was carried out by the Haganah, which now by the way, they run the Israeli parliament— they run the Israeli government. So I mean, I don’t know who they’re talking to, but I know I ain’t listening to them when they’re talking about peace— because I know peace when I see it.” Shadia Mansour outside the Israeli Embassy, 11/24/12


Everyone needs to watch this. This woman is absolutely amazing, her words are like a sword in the hand of the Palestinians. 

Shadia Mansour is an amazing political rapper/singer as well.

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I made it better

mahakavi replied to your post “mahakavi replied to your post “why did i have to be friends with a…”

i think mostly she’s just not well informed and yeah she’s clearly a pacifist. tbh as long as she isn’t actively supporting israel’s genocide and/or spouting zionist crap, i can tolerate her posts. just needs to tone down the preaching…

I think she’s definitely downplaying the genocide tho :///


mahakavi replied to your post “why did i have to be friends with a pro-israel ignorant ass (look at…”

lmao i just saw her share a ‘pray for palestine’ photo tho?

no before that tho. she’s so ‘non-violence’ it’s ridiculous lol

for fuck’s sake israelis don’t need ur prayers lol.

okay so the stupid 1 minute for israel thing was just a picture saying ‘we should pray for UNITY’ lol

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